Çanakpınarı Chrome Bed is located within the borders of the license numbered İR 57527 at Darılık Village/Aladağ District/Adana Province location. The access to the site is provided with a 10 km gravel road from Aladağ District. Continental climate predominates in the region and allows working throughout the year. Water can be supplied from the creek located inside the site and in the southwest of the site.

akmetal-canakpinariMining studies in Çankpınarı site were started by Pınar Mining in the year 1967 and had been continued interruptedly until the year 2000. Open and close cast mining operations had been carried out between these years.

Dominating geologic unit in the site is the dunite and dunite-harzburgite intercalation and harzburgites are also observed locally. However, the ores in the site are of 5-44% Cr2O3 grade in K240/45-60 position.

Partially open cast mining and generally closed mining operations had been carried out in the production activities performed. The ore in the galleries built; high grade ore production had been made with 9 galleries in total up from the elevation of 867m and to the elevation of 740m and the site was closed in the year 2000.

akmetal-canakpinari-yanalmapAkmetal mining started drilling exploratory activities in the said site towards the end of the year 2013. In the scope of this exploration, 105 surface core drillings with a total length of 8547 meters had been carried out. A new massive ore zone parallel previously produced ore at distance of 210 m in K240 direction of previous production galleries was determined in these drillings carried out. Ore zone is 130 m long in K335 direction (northwest-southeast) and diving into the northwest with -13 degrees. The ore is between the elevations of 815 and 800 and close to the horizontal. Ore solid model was formed with 20 drillings available in 5 cross-sections. Ore model was prepared as 2D-3D by using the Micromine program and is of 6*30*130 dimensions and grade of 31% Cr2O3 on average. The base elevation of the ore zone was accepted as 797 according to the drillings performed and the gallery project was prepared accordingly for the production of the said ore zone in line with this acceptation.

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