AK Metal Mining Industry and Trade Corp. Established in 1973 and continues its activity successfully until today. Akmetal modernized and renewed its machine park completely and continually increasing its capacity through its strong capital structure has operationalized Adana/Aladağ Kumbükü-1 and Kumbükü-2 operating facilities with a capacity of 2,000,000 tons/year, established with modern technology in the years 2009-2012 and being one of the model facilities in our country.

img-display A concentrate production capacity of 186,000 tons/year has been achieved by concentrator, jig, and triage facilities enriching low grade chrome ore and bringing it in the economy at the facilities that reached high grade unsorted chrome (42-52% of Cr2O3) production capacity of 50,000 tons/year recently through open cast mining method. Akmetal Mining, continuing its mining activities on a land of 15,000 ha consisting of 4 large facility, 11 enterprises, and 4 exploration licenses active in 3 different regions, has become one of the biggest local producer of its sector today. All precautions are taken so that the waste materials discharged from the enrichment facilities do not cause an environmental pollution. It is planning to start the production of lead-zinc in the next years by completing the survey studies in Kozan and Etekli Lead-Zinc sites it acquired by incorporating Adana Mining Industry and Trade Corp. into its structure in the year 2009.


Akmetal Mining takes pride in contributing to the national economy with its 44 engineers and employment possibility it provided to 1000 persons and its environmentally friendly and modern technology facilities and quarries.

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